Lindsay Obermeyer is an artist, designer, author and educator with a passion for the textile arts.  For 30 years , she's been exhibiting her work in galleries and museums around the world. Lindsay's art is in the permanent collections of Sweden's National Public Art Council, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, and the Racine Art Museum among others.   It has been featured in numerous books, magazines, radio and television programs including a pilot for PBS.  

With six instructional books published by Lark Books and a seventh through Cooperative Press due out in 2013, Lindsay shares her joy for the crafts through easy to follow patterns with creative twists.  Her writing has been published in Reinventing Textiles: Gender and Identity, Fiberarts, Knit.1, and Crafts 'n Things.  

Her community art endeavor  The Red Thread Project® involved thousands of stitchers from around the world, 7,000 handmade hats (all which were donated to charity), a jazz band, a Brazilian samba band plus nine choreographers over the course of seven years and across 5 cities. The project received national media attention and was awarded the prestigious Kresge Foundation grant in collaboration with the St. Louis art education agency Springboard.  

Lindsay views her role as artist to be synonymous with that of an educator and as such has always included teaching as part of her art practice.  A certified elementary school teacher and experienced professor, Lindsay has taught at schools, universities, guilds, and shops in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. 

These days she resides in St. Louis with her daughter Emily and two zany papillons. When not in the studio, she may be found puttering in the garden, experimenting in the kitchen, or online managing the social media accounts of her clients. She is a proud member of the American Craft CouncilCraft and Hobby Association and Freelancer's Union.