Artist Crush :: Lisa Solomon

Lisa-Solomon Installation_Inquire_detail.jpg

Occasionally you run across another artists work that takes your breath away. My latest art crush is Lisa Solomon.  Her work seems rooted in the studio of color and social practice.  I first came across her work in this essay while doing research on some ideas I have.  I especially love how she came to make it. 

Solomon takes a completely contemporaneous approach to art as social practice. Reaching out through Facebook and Instagram, Solomon was able to recruit 45 people to help her with the project, sending out an instructional video to each. I love this idea of building a community, however temporary, though the Internet and turning it into art. Her accomplices are located in Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Canada and throughout the United States.
— Written by John Held

Take a moment today to pursue her website. You will be amazed with the color. Her art makes me happy.  Yep, that simple. It makes me happy.