Day of the Dead Door Decoration

 Hay más tiempo que vida - Mexican saying. (There is more time than life.) 

Hay más tiempo que vida - Mexican saying.
(There is more time than life.) 

Most of my adult life has been spent living within Latino communities.  I didn't really feel the influence until I moved to St. Louis. Over the years my cooking was transformed from traditional Southern to one filled with fresh and dried peppers, corn tortillas (not the kind with a shelf life of a month or longer) and the various fruits and vegetables I can no longer find with ease at my local grocery store.  What was once a staple is now a specialty item.  While Day of the Dead  (Dia de Meurtos) is Mexican in heritage, the holiday is one honored by many. In keeping with this upcoming holiday, I made a door decoration. It is colorful and sparkly, acknowledging that despite death, life goes on.

You will need:

Wood laser cut skull shape
2 purple plastic cabochons

1 red plastic cabochon

Decoart's American Acrylic paint - Berry Red, Citron Green, Calypso Blue, Titanium White

Decoart's Craft Twinkle Writer paint - Black

Sharpie - black

Size 1 round brush

Sponge brush

Sandpaper (fine grit)

Silver paper trim (1/8" wide)

Silver pipe cleaner

Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue

Paper plate - as a paint tray

Parchment paper


Let's create!

1.     Lightly sand the entire surface of the wood shape.  Be sure all stickers are removed.

2.     Paint the front and back of your wood form with white paint.  Allow to dry before flipping from one side to the other.  You will need two coats of paint on both sides.

Hint:  I use parchment paper to cover my work surface as I find that the paint doesn't stick       to it.

3.     Use the other colors to trace around the edges of the decorative cut outs.  I mixed paints to obtain pink and lavender.  

4.     Use the writer paint to trace around the teeth and the citron of the eyes.  Allow to dry and then trace those edges with a black Sharpie for better definition.  

5.     Glue the silver trim to the outer edge of the skull shape.

6.    Use a pipe cleaner to form a handle / hook at the top.

Day of the Dead is celebrated November 1st.  I find it a reassuring tradition, a day set aside to remember and honor our ancestors and others in our lives who have died.