Sparkly Valentine's Day Door Decoration

 "Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." -- Albert Einstein

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." -- Albert Einstein

This sparkly door adornment let's everyone know exactly where your sentiments lie.

You will need:

10" diameter  x 1" deep  Smoothfoam™disc

1000 5mm red sequins (give or take a sequin)

100 5mm pink sequins

Pink glitter paint

1 ball of Vanna's Glamour® in Diamond (white)

1 ball of Premier Spangle Yarn in Pink Punch

Aleene's® Turbo Tacky Glue® Pen

Flex-i-File™ Sticky Micro Stix

1 yd red grosgrain ribbon

12" of 1/4" satin ribbon

large eyed blunt tapestry needle


sponge brush

3 thumbtacks

4 ball headed straight pins

Download Heart template

Let's create!



1.  Paint the Smoothfoam™ disc.

Paint 4-5 layers on oneside allowing the paint to dry between layers.  Repeat for the other side.



2.  Glue down first line of sequins.

Download, print and cut out the heart template.  Center it on the disc.  Hold in place by securing the paper to the disc with a few thumbtacks. Trace the edge with a line of glue.  Add one sequin at a time using the Sticky Micro Stix.  These are available online or at local hobby shop and make this part go quickly and easily. If you don't have one, use a toothpick with a dab of glue on the end to pick up the sequin and position it. 


3.  Remove paper template and fill in the heart with more red sequins.

Remove the thumbtacks and carefully remove the paper template.  Working in a concentric manner from the outside in, add a line of glue and then the add the sequins.  Continue until the heart is filled.


4.   Add the pink sequins.

Add a line of glue around the perimeter of the circle and add the pink sequins.  Add random dots of glue and place pink sequins between the red sequined heart and the pink sequined circle.


5.  Add the ribbon along the edge of the disc.

Cut the ribbon to 33 inches.  Make sure to cut the ribbon on an angle on both edges to prevent fraying.  Add dots of glue along the side of the disc.  Starting at the bottom (the side where the point of the heart faces), position the ribbon in place, adding more glue as you may require

6.  Make a large tassle.

Cut one foot of Vanna's Glamour® yarn.  Thread the needle.  Put it down. There is no need to make a knot at the end.  Now take a book the length of which will be the size of you tassel.  My book was a 5" x 7" sketchbook. Holding both the Vanna's Glamour® and Premier Spangle yarn in your hand and wrap the yarn 20 times around the book.  The more yarn you wrap, the bigger the tassle!  Take your threaded needle under the top of the wrapping.  Pull tight and knot at the top.  Take your scissors and cut the yarn at the bottom. Now take another 12" of Vanna's Glamour® yarn and again thread your needle.  Hold the long end down with your thumb so it blends in with the rest of the tassle. With the needle end, wrap the yarn several times about an 1" from the top.  The yarn will poof like a ball.  Use your needle to weave the tail in and out of the bit you just wrapped to secure it.  Trim excess.  Trim your tassle so the bottom is even.  

7.  Attach the tassle to the bottom of the disc.

Trim back the edges of the knot you made at the top of your tassle. Add a dot of glue at the top of the tassle.  Attach tassle to the bottom of the disc with two pins.  Once the glue has set, you could remove the pins or leave them in like I did for an extra bit of sparkle.