Free Pattern :: Custom Monogram Sachet

 "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." --  William Wordsworth

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."
--  William Wordsworth

I have monogrammed towels, napkins, handkerchiefs and pillow cases that date back to my great grandmothers.  Some were stitched by them, others were commercially made and all are treasured. 

For my daughter's birthday, I decided to make a monogrammed sachet featuring the initial of her first name.  I flipped through books of typographic counted cross stitch charts, but none were satisfactory for my purpose.  They didn't reflect my own script.  Handwriting is personal and unique to that individual.  With a few simple tools and a little bit of improvisation, I was able to make a sachet that featured my handwriting.


5" x 5" piece         14 count cross stitch canvas - white

5" x 5" piece         cotton cloth to match your floss

1 skein                    6 strand floss in your favorite color

1                                Tulip® Disappearing Ink Pen

1                                tapestry needle, #22

1                                sewing needle

1                                spool of white thread 

1 pr                          scissors

1 ounce                  dried lavender

1                               metal ruler

1                               rotary cutter

1                               rotary matt


sewing machine


Measure and cut the cross stitch canvas and backing fabric using your metal ruler, rotary cutter and rotary matt.


Use the Tulip® Disappearing Ink Pen to write the letter you wish to stitch in your fanciest of fancy handwriting.  Be certain to center the letter on the canvas.  Don't worry about making a mistake.  If you do, simply rinse the canvas in water and iron until dry.

Cut a piece of the floss the length of your arm.  Anything longer will likely tangle.  

Divide the floss in half.  You will be working with only 3 strands at a time.

Thread your needle, knot the end and begin.

For my monogram I combined back stitches with cross stitches.  Where the line is thinner, I followed along with back stitches.  As my line grew thicker, I switched to cross stitches.  

I followed the thicker portion of the monogram with one cross stitch working them on the diagonal along the curves and then went back to fill in with another where I felt a bit more fullness was required. The result looks stepped like a staircase when close up.


When I finished the monogram,  I stitched one cross stitch every other space around the perimeter of the letter to act as a frame.

Once finished with the stitched framework, place right sides of both fabrics together.  As this project is small, you won't need pins to hold them together.

Using the straight stitch, machine sew around the edge of your sachet with a 1/4" seam allowance. Be careful to leave a 1" gap at the bottom edge that you don't stitch. 

Trim away the excess fabric.  

Cut the corners close to the edge of your stitched line.

Turn your sachet right side out and lightly press with your iron.

Fill the sachet with lavender.  I found it easier using a spoon rather than a funnel of any kind.

Hand sew the gap closed using the ladder stitch.