Artist Crush :: A Material Study in Thread

 Invisible threads are the strongest ties.  --  Friedrich Nietzsche

Invisible threads are the strongest ties.  --  Friedrich Nietzsche

For me, time in the studio ebbs and flows between research and practice.  I'm currently in the research phase.  New
work is waiting to bubble out and yet I don't know in what form, so I look, I read and I reflect.  I am fascinated by
materials and the manner in which something simple may become a single spool of thread.

Kumi Yamashita's Constellation series is stunning.  She takes a painted white panel wood, hundreds of basic
nails and a common spool of thread to create these amazing portraits.  She's a master draftsman, but to create
them from thread shows a deeper understanding of light and shadow as it moves across the form.


equally drawn to the work of Gabriel Dawe.  Color fills space like a giant version of Isaac Newton's experimentations in light diffraction.  Threads run from one point to another, shifting through the colors of a rainbow.  Nails, hooks and thread are his tools.


installations are site specific, using existing architectural elements within the work. His use of stairwells are my particular favorite as the view changes from which vantage point you are at within the stairwell.