Free Pattern :: Bridal Buttons Barette


Wedding bells are in the air!  It's time to get crafting!  Buttons Galore & More has a wonderful
collection of buttons with weddings in mind.  For this Craft Challenge, I chose these charming
buttons titled "Bridal Bouquet."    They have a lovely AB finish with silver highlights.  Made of
plastic, they are lightweight, so perfect for a barrette.  I wanted to create a piece that could be
worn to a wedding, but get plenty of use for years to come.


1.  Take apart the barrette.
Carefully take apart the barrette, so you may easily wrap the wire into place.

2.  Set up the wire.
Cut an 18" piece of the wire.  Thread it through one hole.  Twist the tail and the main
body of the wire together using the needle nose pliers.  Clip away the excess tail.  Pull
the wire across the barrette and through the hole opposite.


3.  Begin wire wrapping of barrette.
Bring the wire up to the side and thread three beads onto it.  Wrap the wire around the shaft
of the barrette.  Repeat.  On the third wrap, pick up a button and wrap it in place.  Brin the wire
up and proceed to add three more beads and wrap.  Repeat the beads twice more and then add
another button. Continue with this pattern:  3 wraps of beads, each wrap with 3 beads, followed
by a button wrap.  End with two wraps of beads, each wrap with 3 beads at the point where you
began with the twisted wire.

4.  Finish off the barrette.
Thread the remaining wire through the hole where you began.  Wrap around the end and back
through the hole.  Slide the remainder under the wraps.  Clip excess if necessary.  Use pliers
to crimp wire at any spots that seem a bit loose. Slip the spring arch back into place and then the bar.  Test closure to be certain all is tight.