Free Pattern :: Super Quick Crocheted Valentine Decor


This project is simple and takes full advantage of the yarn and Valentine decoration sales happening at local craft stores.  To create a felt heart with a crocheted trim takes just a half hour or less. Use a large felt heart for a placemat or small ones for coasters.  

You will Need:

The desired number of felt die cut hearts in preferred size with edges pre-punched ( I purchased mine at Michaels, it was their brand.)

1 ball of variegated worsted, #4, weight yarn in a Valentine scheme color. ( I used Red Heart Classic in a variegated  hot pink, red, orange.)

H crochet hook


tapestry needle

Scotch guard

Let's Create!:
Starting at the tip of the heart, slip stitch through one hole and attach yarn to the heart.  #Skip a hole, work 5 dc in the next hole to create a Shell.#  Repeat from #to #. Work the scallop stitch ending with a scallop,  until you are three holes from the point where the two curves meet. The space is too narrow for a scallop, so work a single crochet stitch into the next 7 holes,#work 5 dc in the next hole and then skip a hole, Sl st in the next hole.# Repeat from # to #.  End with a slip stitch.  Cut yarn, Finish off.  Sew in all tail ends.


Scotch guard both sides to protect your efforts.  Washing these would possibly wash out the sizing in the felt. Scotch guarding will allow you to use a damp sponge to clean them off.