The Mocktail - non-alcoholic drinks for your party

 photo credit: TheCrimsonMonkey/E+/Getty Image

photo credit: TheCrimsonMonkey/E+/Getty Image

There is nothing mocking about a mocktail.  I stopped being able to drink after my stroke.  Rather than bemoan the fact that I can't enjoy a merlot, chianti or fab pinot noir, I now am now deep into the exploration of mocktails.  Add the further challenge that they need to be low in sugar and free of food dyes to meet my funky dietary requirements.  My drink du jour is the Arnold Palmer.  A good one is slightly sweet with sour undernotes.  My easy peasy version is  simply store bought iced tea, with lemonade and a splash of peach juice.  So 3/4 iced tea, 1/4 cup lemonade and a splash of peach juice.  I follow that up with a twist of lemon, for a stronger sour note.  But I''ve been poking around and found some far fancier versions.  Check out the following recipes.  You can really have fun varying it by making different types of iced tea like, Hibiscus which will give it a pink color. The three to one ratio of tea to lemonade keeps the drink from becoming too sweet. Make a raspberry one and add some fruit to the bottom and a spring of mint to make it festive.

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The Blurry Lime

Now thinking about upcoming parties I want to have, I am thinking a punch bowl of non-alcoholic Sangria might be fun.  Here  are a few versions:

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And as mint, ginger and lime are one of my favorite flavor combos, here is a recipe for a non-alcoholic Moscow Mule.

Fever Tree

I am currently experimenting with simple syrups made with Agave Nectar which will sweeten a drink but is less likely to give you a sugar crash.

Try offering a few mocktail options at your next party as someone needs to be the designated driver, but wants to have a fun drink too.

My book suggestion- 

This book, Zero-Proof Cocktails by Liz Scott is filled with tasty ideas and well worth the investment if you are going alcohol free like me.  If you have a great recipe, I'd love for you to share it in the comments section.  Thank you.