Quick Gift :: Crochet Collar


One year for my neices birthday, I settled on a cute crocheted collar for her to wear
with t-shirt and jeans.  Margo is a fashionista!  Her favorite color combo is hot pink and lime green.  

You will need:
Bonbons Yarn: Celebrate by Lion Brand® Yarns (I used the light green and pink.)
3/4" button with shank (I used one from the Haberdashery Natural collection from Buttons Galore & More.)
size F / 3.5mm crochet hook
tapestry needle
sewing needle
pink thread

Let's Create!

Work up a swatch in single crochet (sc).  You should get 5 stitches  & 6 rows to the inch.  Note: I crocheted the yarn slightly tighter than recommended on the manufacturer's label to get the fabric I desired.

Work the collar base.
Chain 71 in the light green.  *Turn, skip the first stitch, work the rest in sc, end with a chain 1.*  Repeat from * to * for 10 rows.  Fasten off light green.  Sew in tails using the tapestry needle.

Add the frills.
With right side facing, fasten on the pink with a slip stitch at the far right side.  Work a sc into every stitch across the top of the collar.  When you reach the corner work 3 double crochets (dc) in the same stitch, skip the next stitch, work one sc, skip a stitch, work 1 sc. In the next corner *work 5 dc in the same stitch, skip the next stitch, work
one sc, skip a stitch.*   Repeat from * to * across the bottom of the collar.  This stitch sequence forms the scallop stitch. When you reach the third corner, finish this sequence with a 5 dc in the same stitch.  You then skip a stitch, work a sc, skip a stitch, work 3 dc and skip a stitch.

Time for the closure loop.
You should be just 2 rows from the top of the collar.  Work a sc, chain 6, work a sc.  Turn your work and now work 14 sc into the loop you've formed. Fasten off the pink.  Sew in tails using the tapestry needle.

Sew on the button.
Cut a 16" length of sewing thread.  Double it over and tie a knot with a long tail at the end.  Position the button opposite the loop and sew it in place.  Tie a knot.  Sew in tails.

Block the collar. 
Pin the collar straight on your ironing board.  Lightly mist it with water and allow to dry.  

Note:  This collar was designed for a child.  To make a larger version, simply measure your neckline and multiply by 5. 
For example - 16" x 5sts per inch = 80 stitches, so chain 81 to begin.  The rest is worked the same.

 I wrote this pattern 5 years ago, so if it looks familiar and you wrote me a comment. In my migration of my blog from one platform to the next, I've lost all comments.  So please, leave me a new one! Thank you!

Download this pattern.