How to create a filet crochet chart from a photo


I think therefore I am -  René Descartes

Hello!  based on responses from a recent Facebook post, I thought I'd write up a short tutorial on how  to create a custom chart for filet crochet (or knitting) from a personal photo.  As you may know, I had a stroke last year.  This work is for a show I'm building called "Coming Unraveled."  Basically we spend a lifetime building our identites. There is that saying from Cartesian philosophy - " I think, therefore I am."  So the question I pose, is"If you stop thinking, then who the heck are you?!"  This is the bit on coming unravelled.  So I am crocheting a large portrait of myself in filet crochet which when finished.  I will set up a video camera to record a performance of me systematically unraveling the image and creating something new with the image.  That's been my life this past year, a long and difficult journey of accepting that I'm not the same person and that I have to construct a new life and new identity for myself. Make sense so far?

1.  Pick a photo you like. Load it up to photoshop and convert to black and white.   Crop just the bit you want.  Then Posterize it.  All of these commands are under Image.  Posterize is under Image>Adjustments.  Set the posterization to 2. Which will delete all grey tones and give you a crisp black and white image.  Erase any bits that are distracting. Save the image on your desktop. 


2.  Now Go to the website Free Cross Stitch Pattern Maker .  Click on the advanced form link.  Load up your image.  Set the color number to 2. I set my cloth count to 100 and 80 so I'd get a nice large print out that would be easy to read. Load up your image. And voila! Magic happens.


3.  Your print out will come in 4 pages.  So, I just taped them together and have an easy to follow chart for filet crochet. When I've completed my artwork, I might have to make some curtains featuring my crazy cute papillons.