Make a Vintage Inspired Angel for your Christmas Table

  We trust in plumed procession   For such the angels go -   Rank after Rank, with even feet -   And uniforms of Snow.     --  Emily Dickinson

We trust in plumed procession
For such the angels go -
Rank after Rank, with even feet -
And uniforms of Snow.
  --  Emily Dickinson

Inspired by my collection of vintage German ornaments, these little angels are sweet tabletop decorations for the holiday table.  They are simple to make and a whole choir can be completed in an afternoon.

You will need to make 4 angels:
-   4 Smoothfoam™ 1" balls
-   acrylic craft paint in skin tone, blue, red, yellow, and brown
-   paint brush - #000 round
-   paint brush - #1 sword or filbert
-   4 toothpicks
-   8.5 x 11" glitter paper (One sheet is large enough to make 4 angels.) 
-   40 1/2"  white tinsel or red tinsel pompoms per angel (160 total for 4)
-   hot glue gun with low temp setting
-   hot glue sticks
-   8 paper holly leaves
-   gold glue glitter
-   scissors
-   pencil or pen
-   lid to food container that = 4.5" in diameter
-   paper cup
-   sheet of printer paper
-   paper plate
-   a couple of clothes pins or binder clip 

Let's create!

1.   Cover your work surface.
As this process can be a bit messy, cover your work surface with newsprint or brown paper. 


2.   Paint the heads for the angels.
Turn the paper cup upside down.  Take a toothpick and poke 4 holes into the paper cup.  Space them widly apart.  The cup will be your drying station.  Push a toothpick 3/4 of the way into each of the Smoothfoam™ balls.  Pour some skin tone paint onto the paper plate.  Using the sword or filbert brush, paint each ball.  Place the toothpick end into your drying station to allow the balls to dry.  Add another layer of skin tone paint and allow to dry.  Paint the hair, giving your angel bangs across the forehead.  If you want a blond angel use yellow paint or if you prefer a brunette angel, use brown paint.  With your round brush, use the back end of it to make two dots for eyes with blue or brown paint.  With the brush end, use red to paint a small smile.  Allow to dry.

3.   Embellish the wings.
Add a thin line of gold glitter glue to the edges of each holly leaf.  If you smear a little, that's okay.  It will add just a bit more sparkle!  Allow to dry.

4.    Make the template.
Trace the food container lid on a sheet of printer paper.  Cut out the circle.  Fold the circle in half. Fold it in half again.  Open it up and cut one quarter out of the template using the fold lines as your guide.


5.  Make the paper bodies.
Plug in your hot glue gun and let it warm up. Set it to low temperature.  Trace the  template onto the back of the glitter paper. You should be able to make 4 tracings on one sheet of paper.  Carefully cut out each circle.  Roll the first piece into a cone shape with the edges overlapping each other.  You should have a small hole at the top of each cone.  Add a a few dots of hot glue to hold the cone shape. Clamp with clothes pins or binder clips until the glue has set.  Repeat this procedure on the other three pieces paper bodies.


6.   Add the head to the body.
Remove the pins or clips.  Add a dot of hot glue at the tip of the first cone.  Push the toothpick of the first angel head through the hole at the top of the cone, pushing it into the cone until the head is at the tip touching the hot glue.  Allow to set.  Repeat this procedure for the rest.

7.   Embellish the paper bodies with pompoms.
Just under the head  draw a ring of hot glue.  Push pompoms into the hot glue until you've achieved a full collar.  Draw a short line at the base of the cone and push pompoms into the glue.  Repeat this procedure at the base until the entire base of the cone is covered in pompoms.  Add two dots of glue evently spaced between the collar and the base at the front and push a pompom into each dot of glue.  These two make the "buttons" of the angel's "dress."


8.   Make the wings.  
Put a dot of glue on the back of the angel's "dress" and add a holly leaf. Add another dot of glue and place the second leaf.  

Your angels are now complete!