Thank You Sachets

 "Praise the bridge that carried you over." --  George Colman

"Praise the bridge that carried you over." --  George Colman

These sachets are quick to make and a great way to say "Thank you!"  The size of a business card, one will sway nicely from a car's review mirror or tucked on a hanger in the coat closet.  The lavender scent is refreshing and better yet, a natural alternative to moth balls!

Materials (for one sachet):
12" x 12" patterned paper
business card enevelope die (2 3/16"w x 3 11/16"h - assembled) 
die cutter (I used my AccuCut GrandeMARK.) 
glue stick
1/2" round sticker
hole punch (1/16")
8" of 1/4"  double-faced satin ribbon
1 T dried lavender  



Center the paper on the die and run through your die cutter.  (Don't have a die cutter?  Use a store bought envelope of the same size and embellish with rubber stamps!) 

Fold the edges of the envelope.  Seal 3 of the 4 sides with glue stick.  

Fill the envelope with a tablespoon of dried lavender.

Use a 1/2" round sticker to seal the envelope.


Punch a hole toward the top envelope with your hole puncher.  

Fold the ribbon in half.  Thread the folded edge through the hole and pull the two ends through the loop.

Knot the ends togehter.

That's it!  You've made a sachet.   For a lovely twist, mix dried rosemary, thyme and lemon balm. 

Present your gift with a handmade card or tie one to a bottle of wine.