Mushroom Risotto in a Pressure Cooker or Instant

 "The belly rules the mind." --  Spanish Proverb

"The belly rules the mind." --  Spanish Proverb

I 've been busy in the studio.  And when I get this busy, the necessity for good food is even more important. Eating a homecooked meal allows me to slow down a moment, destress and catch up on the news with my daughter.  I love certain dishes, but they can take an age to prepare, such as risotto. Several weeks ago I purchased a pressure cooker / slow cooker which is now branded as Instapot.  I swear, this gadget ranks up there with my favorite iron skillet.  Risotto in just 15 minutes from prep to eating.  Unbelievable!

Here is my recipe, adapted from the book Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure by Lorna J. Sass:


8oz of sliced portabello mushrooms
3 leeks, thinly slicked
1 t of minced garlic
2.5 cups of mushroom stock (a low salt variety is best)
1 cups of boiling water
1 T of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup of dry white wine (or better yet - dry cooking sherry)
1.5 cups of arborio rice
1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese (not that nasty cardboard stuff from a green canister!) 


Add the olive oil to the pan.  (I have an electric pressure cooker with a browning setting.)  Add leeks and sautee until wilted.  Add mushrooms and garlic and sautee until the mushrooms have wilted and are slightly smaller.

Add the arborio rice and sautee, stirring to coat the rice with the oil. The rice will turn slightly transparent along the edges.

Add the stock, water and wine. Stir.

Put the lid on and lock into place

Set to high pressure.  Once it has reached high pressure, cook for 5 minutes.

Open the quick release valve.  Careful!  Don't scald yourself!

Open the lid, check the rice.  If not to right consistency, add a little more stock and cook on browning until you achieve what you desire.  I like mine creamy and with my cooker, I get it perfect without trouble.   In case you don't achieve the same results on the first go, add the stock for more creaminess.

Stir in the Parmesan cheese. 


For more about arborio rice, check out this website.