Free Pattern: Beyond Beginner Baby Beanie

 Children are the bridge to heaven. -- Persian Proverb

Children are the bridge to heaven. -- Persian Proverb

I continue my series of Patterns for the American Heart Association's charity call "Little Hats, Big Hearts."  This is another beginner basic with a twist.  The beanie is knit in the round using circular needles, but what gives it the twist is the window pane brim knit from a series of slip stitches. If you've been wanting to try fair isle knitting, this is a pattern to get your toes wet.  Once you try this pattern, like a potato chip you will want to make more as the color variations are limitless.  This is sized for a newborn at 14" circumference, but it could be scaled up. 

The brim is a variation of Barbara Walker's Window Pane Stripe pattern.

You will need:

 I used Lion Brand Yarn Vanna's Choice in Red and White
16" #8 circular knitting needles
#8 double point needles
stitch markers
Tapestry needle
tape measure

Gauge: 4 stitches and 6 rows per inch.
in Stockinette n the round
Always do a gauge check.


14" (16") hat sizes. 

Round 1: With A, Cast on 56 (64) stitches. Place stitch marker. Join ring.
Round2: Knit all stitches. 
Round 3: Purl all stitches.
Round 4: Repeat Round 2.
Round 5: Repeat Round 3.
Round 6: With B, *Knit1, Bring yarn to back, Slip next stitch* Repeat from * to *
Round 7: With B, *Purl the White knit Stitch, bring yarn to the back, slip the next stitch.*  Repeat from * to *. Switch to A. Carry the non working color on the inside of the hat. Don't pull the tension tight.
Repeat Rounds 2-7 two times.  You should have the stripes of red with white dots.
Repeat Rounds 2-5 with A.
Repeat Round 2-3 with B.
Repeat Rounds 6-7 reversing the colors. 
Repeat Round 2-3 with B.   

Your brim will be 3".

©2018Lindsay-Obermeyer –Window-pane-beanie-little-hats-big-hearts-detail.jpg


Cut B.  Leave a 6" tail. Switch to A.

Knit another inch in A. On the last round, place stitch marker  every 7 (8) stitch.  

Begin decreases.
Round 1: knit to stitch marker.Slip stitch marker, K2tog next two stitches. 
Round 2: Knit all stitches.
Repeat Rounds 1 & 2 until only 7(8) stitches remain.  Switch to double point needles when necessary.
Cut a 6" tail. Thread tapestry needle and run the tail through the final 7(8) stitches. Draw it closed.  Weave in all tails.

Now that you've made one for the American Heart Association, try a few colorful variations. Instead of white, try a variegated yarn to see the color flicker around the brim. Or do it in team color so your newborn is Super Bowl ready.

Download the PDF of this pattern.