How to block your knit and crochet.

If you have time to knit, if you've taken up knitting, it means you're not worried about the essential stuff.  --- Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee

This video was recorded during a live stream on Periscope. You may hear me talking to someone.  I am able to read peoples comments as I stream.  Part two is below.

The things you will need to properly block a granny square.

A craft blocking board. (They are available at Michaels, Amazon as well as your local yarn store.)
Spray bottle
lavender essential oil is optional

I like to add two drops of lavender essential oil to my spray bottle, so when I spray the granny squares, they are lightly protected by moths.  My great grandmother always did this and then redid after every washing.  She never used moth balls and I still have all her crochet work.  I store her zillions of doilies in acid free paper in a cedar chest.  It helps to keep the yarn from yellowing and being eaten by pesky moths.

Granny Square blocking

  • Line up one corner to the edge of one grid.  
  • Pin it on an angle.
  • Line up the edge along the line of the grid.
  • Pin the next corner. 
  • Continue all the way around and then when all 4 corners are secure. Mist the fabric lightly with cool water.  Allow to dry overnight.  Then unpin to easy sew together into a blanket or jacket.

Knit garment pieces work the same way.  And yes it is worth the time to block all your pieces before sewing them together.