DIY Slide Bracelet Components from Cousin

 Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles.  - Sonja Henie

Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles.  - Sonja Henie

I love my bling and Cousin makes it so easy!  Their new slide bracelet components are gorgeous and simple to use.  I had to keep my daughter out of the studio as I worked.  She kept trying to sneak off with the finished bracelets before I had a chance to photograph them!  For each bracelet I was able to coordinate and add as I wanted. The slide beads come in pre-coordinated sets for all tastes from rock-n-roll to girly romantic.  I rarely wear bracelets as they are generally too big
for my skinny wrists, so I especially love that I can cut the leather bands to size. 


 To make one of these leather bracelets, you will need:

  • Cousin slide bracelet components and leather band
  • e6000 glue
  • scissors if you choose to size down the leather band
  • tape measure  

Let's create!

  1. Use the tape measure to measure your wrist.  You decide how tight a fit you want and then cut (or not) the band to size.  Each band also comes with rubber stoppers.
  2. Arrange the various slide components in an order you like and then slide them onto the leather band.  Add the rubber stoppers if you don't want the components to slide.
  3. Add glue inside the cup of each end piece and add to the end of the leather band. Be sure to allow your new creation to dry overnight!

Yep, it's that simple!



*** Please note that I received the materials from Cousin to test out for free.