Quick and Easy Bangle Bracelet

  "Words form the thread on which we string our experiences."  -- Aldous Huxley

"Words form the thread on which we string our experiences."  -- Aldous Huxley

This bangle is the adult version of a friendship bracelet. You can make one for yourself and for your BFF in her favorite colors.  Go glam and make a set for date night using assorted metallic threads. The materials are basic and easy to find, you could even upcycle an old plastic bangle to make this project. Best yet, these only take an hour to make! You can rock these by color for each season. I chose a beach watery theme, but you could go red and green for Christmas. Black and Orange for Halloween or Red, White and Blue for the 4th of July!  

To get started you need the following:



wood bangle bracelet - I used one from DIY Bangles that is 1/4" x 3" with a flat exterior shape.

#3 perle cotton  - I chose 4 colors of DMC Perle Cotton in 798, 943, 955, 966

1 large eye needle 




Undo the first skein of floss and cut an 18" length of thread.  

1. If you are right handed, place the tail ontop of the bracelet with the tail facing to the left and held securely by your left hand.  If you are left handed follow these instructions in reverse beginning with the tail facing to the right and held by your right hand.

Blog bangle.jpg

2. With the tail securely held, proceed to wrap from right to left over the tail pulling firmly as you go.

3. Continue wrapping until you have covered a desired amount.

4. Thread your needle with the remainder and tuck it under the portion you have wrapped.

5. Pull the needle through and trim away excess thread.  Trim away any tail that may still be seen.

6. Proceed to the next color repeating the same procedure, beginning with cutting an 18" length of thread.

7. Continue working in the same manner with each color in sequence.  

8. I worked a 4 color repeat 4 times.  I didn't concern myself with each wrapped section being equal in length, though you can certainly measure by counting wraps or using a ruler.   

9. Keep for yourself or gift as a gift.