It's a Dog's Life

 "Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they'll treat you like dogs."     --Martha Scott

"Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they'll treat you like dogs."
    --Martha Scott

As far as Josie is concerned, I am still a human in training.  My job is to feed, walk and otherwise amuse her, anything else is for the dogs.  Like the crochet ball dangling from her mouth,  it was to be a felted bead, but was nabbed by her from my studio table.  She is so tiny that I forget she can get onto tables in just one leap.  She has a cat-like agility and a very persistent, mischievous personality.  The former bead is her favorite toy.  She carries it with her around the house, dropping it ever-so-casually at my feet with a look of hopefulness followed by disgust if don't pick up the hint to play.  

Some may say I spoil my dogs and that might be true. Okay, okay, it is definitely true. They are my buddys.  I have not one, but two papillons. If you have ever been privileged to know a papillon you would agree that I am a glutton for punishment as they are energetic and intelligent dogs.  Which with these two means mischievous and getting into frequent trouble.


Like children, dogs have distinct personalities. Joise ( the brown one) is my hunter. Every day she patrols the backyard for baby rabbits and low flying birds and heaven forbid she comes across either. She grabs, shakes them about, causing panic in me and the animals.  It's her form of dog amusement.

Tooney could care less.  She is my walker and needs a daily walk to keep her entertained and out of trouble.  This little dog is also extremely fierce. She has alerted me to burglars in the house standing her ground with a loud and rapid bark followed by a growl. She even puffs out  her fur to make her look twice as big. She has also taken it upon herself to be my trainer. She insists on going outside so many times in a day, that I get at least a mile of walking done in my house attending to her outdoor needs. If the pace is too slow when we take walks she yips at me to pick up the pace. Josie is more of a sashayer than a walker.  She has a walk that looks like a woman sashaying down the street, with a bit of a wiggle to the butt.

In short, its a comedy show around here and they are priceless company.  So the loss of one crochet experiment seems a worthy trade.