My first video : Crochet with Yorganza

I've been doing quite a few video projects for a new client and found this post as I went digging through my archives on my old blog.  Oh good grief , it is rather embarrassing to look at now. I was such the informercial....  But I reshare this post as I think the tips I wrote out still hold true today.  Hope they help you.  

If you are looking to make a video, I recommend the following basic points:

  1. Write out a basic script.  This helps you remember all those points you want to cover.  (2018 update:  If you are working with a smart phone, you can write up your dialog in advance and have it roll on your screen as a prompter.  The app is called BigVu. It is really worth the price ( I think it was $5.99). Sophisticated enough that you can change the background to look like you are out in outerspace! 
  2. Note in the script what camera angles you want.
  3. Do several run throughs to practice and get more comfortable.
  4. Use regular lighting, but be sure it is consistent.  All the lightbulbs should be the same temperature.
  5. Your background should be fairly neutral.
  6. Use an external mic to cut down on that "tin" sound that often happens with internal mics.
  7. Work with a friend to handle the camera so you can get feedback as you talk.
  8. Make sure you talk as you demonstrate.  No dead air time!
  9. Keep it to 3 minutes or less.
  10. And be sure to end with announcing your website or Facebook page so folks can learn more fabulous tips from you!

Thank you to the folks at Sullivans USA.  They did the editing and didn't laugh (as far as I know) at any of my bloopers.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page.